Becky says things about … writer’s block


reblog-640x587This woman never fails to make me laugh. “Bloody brilliant” take on writer’s block.

Originally posted on Becky Says Things:

My dearest, loyal listeners. I have abandoned you. I have shunned, rejected, deserted you.

You see, listeners, the unthinkable has happened: I can’t think of anything to say.


Yes, I have been struck by the writer’s worst nightmare: the dreaded Writer’s Block.

Initially my desertion of this blog was due to my focussing on writing my novel, which was going spiffingly: I’ve bumped the bastard thing up by 40,000 words since January. But then the writing slowed to the pace of a drunk arthritic slug, and then the ideas shrivelled away like a drunk arthritic slug that’s fallen into a puddle of salt.

So instead I thought I’d focus on my blog.

But then I realised I had no ideas for that, either.

The chamber of ideas was sadly lacking.


There is no writer on earth who hasn’t succumbed to writer’s block. It is, to employ a phrase commonly used to describe the…

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RIP Larry Rose

Featured ImageThe Mayor and the Town Manager waved as their next victim approached.

True story (which I cannot contain in 150 words, as MFtS prompt requests, but I want to share anyway): My father was a career City Manager. Not only would he have gotten the biggest kick out of this prompt—and praised the prompt authors for hitting the nail squarely on the head—he would have spent days working on a just the right response. My father was also a passionate writer. (more…)

No, the name’s not The Blog “Repellant” (sigh)

A reader emailed me asking why I chose the title, The Blog Propellant for my writing & photography prompt site. Word Press Daily Prompt  recently asked bloggers how they chose the name they gave their blog and I replied to that prompt in a flagrantly flippant treatise regarding the name of this blog, by LRose; a response that was probably better suited for an April Fool’s Day post. But, as the emailer pointed out, I ought to have replied with how I came  up with, The Blog Propellant: Prompts to give your writing and photography a little propulsion. (more…)

Life Imitating Blog

Screenshot 2015-06-24 19.53Last night I was feeling a little levity was needed: Lately work has been a regular morale buster; I came across the very first string of angry comments I’ve ever read online on a blog I follow; and yesterday one of my closest friends announced they are moving across country. Put these things together with the list of things that bring my mood down on a regular basis, and it’s fair to say I was feeling a bit desperate for something to make me smile.

If the real world around me was bent on bringing me down, then I’d turn to my virtual world for a little laugh. So curled up on the couch with the good ol’ laptop and revisited a writing prompt I had sitting in the The Blog Propellant draft file about humor. I polished up the post, “Wayward Wednesday: Humor Me,” and got a good night’s sleep. The next morning I gave it the once-over, clicked on “Publish” and headed off to work. (more…)