3 April 1942


Remembering this weekend the service of others …

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I, [L.D.] Rose, hereby state that I am terminating, on my own volition, my employment with the Douglas Aircraft Company, Inc., on this 3rd day of April 1942 for the reason hereinbelow set forth: Military Service—Voluntary Enlistment.

Among my father’s papers and files were his military service records. The first piece of paper, a simple half-sheet form, was the Employment Severance Notice from Douglas Aircraft. He was 21.

On the back of the form was a note.

And I know that I shall look for these things. I know that I shall never be the same as I was the days that have past.

It is something numb and bursting inside, like nothing within the compass of words. It is bitterly sad and jubilant and aches for a night and complete stillness it shall never know.

A sad, thin, stretching voice

A face that was a stranger to the…

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Crowd Writing: Lost and Found


Flash fiction and crowd writing are all part of the fun of my new prompt site. I started the next of the Crowd Writing stories. Where do you think the red wallet came from?

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found wallet Sarah was stretched out on the couch deeply ensconced in her book. Her kids were downstairs playing one of their video games and her husband was puttering around the house doing god-knows whatever it was that always had him puttering around the house. Except for the occasional sound effect of explosions from the video game, the kids’ shrieks when something exciting happened, or her husband’s constant footfalls from various places throughout the house, it was mostly quiet. She had practically the entire upstairs to herself.

The dog, a year and a half old Shepard mix, came trotting into the room and jumped up on the couch at Sarah’s feet. Without taking her eyes away from her reading, she felt for the dog’s fur with a searching toe and gave him a little scratch.

“Don’t tell, Dad, ‘k?” she said…

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(Deja vu) 50 Posts!


My blog prompts have a new home:

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“You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club.” ~ Jack London

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Seen this before? You’re right! But now, along with all my previous prompts that originally appeared in Occupy Daily Prompt, it is here.

In March, I boldly launched Occupy Daily Prompt with Mr. Atheist. It wasn’t exactly original or unique among its kind, but I had a blast coming up with prompts on an (almost) daily basis and reading the responses.

Mr. Atheist has since needed to take a leave of absence, and since ODP is his site, I decided to launch my own prompt blog: The Blog Propellant.

This was the 50th post on ODP, so to commemorate that little milestone, I listed below allthe responses to all the prompts to that point.

Thanks for being a Fellow Occupier and please…

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This Room

this roomStanding in the middle of the room, this room, in this house, filled with so many memories of things said, and things left undone; so many things. This completely empty room, still echoing what had once passed through it. Echoes of the first family who built the house, then of the family that bought it five years later, and then echoes of our family, who spent twenty-five years of birthdays, holidays, summer days and winter days, up to the sad final days of my mother’s life. This room had known so much, seen so much, held so many close in its arms. Generations of families. Decades of lives. (more…)

The Memory, the Joy of Books

“I love staring at my books for hours just trying to decide which book to read next. Doing that is almost as fun as actually reading them.” (unknown)

indie bookstore day 2015Today is the first national Independent Bookstore Day!

[The] nationwide holiday stems from a program started last year by California indie bookstores. Now, more than 400 stores from Alaska to Maine are preparing for a full day of programs, entertainment and food to highlight their value. – The Washington Post, April 30, 2015

I can think of many bookstores I’ve patronized over the years, and I can recall the first time I visited the famous Powell’s in Portland OR, and the first truly musty, dusty second-hand place jammed cheek-to-jowel and floor-to-rafters with what seemed like every book imaginable. But reaching back through my memories, I cannot put a finger on the first bookstore I ever walked into. (more…)